Aggressive and Effective Representation – Our goal is to settle every case on terms favorable to you. Settlements keep your fate in your hands, and are less costly and less stressful than trials. However, for a strong settlement posture to be effective, it must often  be backed by a credible litigation threat.  If push comes to shove, we are willing and able to advocate vigorously for you in court. We also handle appeals, both for cases we tried and cases referred to us for appeal by other lawyers.

Economical and Efficient Representation – At the end of the engagement, your success is defined by the benefits we achieve for you. What counts is what you walk away with, not what your lawyer earned or what it cost your adversary . That means effective representation must be combined with economical and efficient representation. Being small means less overhead expense, so that our lawyers are not under pressure to bill hours. Costs passed on to the client are further minimized through technology: documents are scanned, indexed, and searchable by our lawyers from our desks to cut staffing, filing, and photocopying costs. We communicate with clients and forward documents to them by email to expedite the exchange of information; we don’t double bill for intra-office meetings to discuss your case; and since we only go to one courthouse, we are usually there for multiple cases at the same time, and can spread our travel time across many clients so that it doesn’t all get charged to you.

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