WSW is an experienced litigation firm, with family law as its primary focus, but having the resources to handle almost any kind of case in which courtroom or appellate expertise is required.

History – Roger White founded the firm in 1968 and was joined by Kendrick Scott in 1981. Christopher White resigned his partnership in a Chicago law firm to join the practice in 2002. Mary Brandes, our only associate, joined the firm in 2014, after a decade of successful practice as a family law attorney in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Few other firms can boast of being such a long-standing presence on the North Shore and in Lake County. WSW is now and always has been located at its present address, representing litigants in Lake County, Illinois.

Focus – WSW usually limits its practice to Lake County, only rarely accepting representation in cases pending in other counties. Confining our focus in this way ensures a familiarity with the courts and an expertise with the judicial process that a law firm with a broader geographical presence might not have.

Size – WSW is a small firm and is committed to staying that way. Lawyers at larger firms tend to have commitments to more clients spread across courts throughout Cook and the collar counties. Our size and narrow focus on Lake County ensures that the lawyer who appears in court for you will be someone you know, someone who knows your case, and someone who knows how things get done in the courts deciding your case.